Don't Call Him Superman

Justin Miller sits down with Tuesday afternoon for a one-on-one interview.

Justin, N.C. State comes into this game with some impressive credentials on offense, especially after scoring 31 points against Miami last week. What is about what they do on offense that could give you guys problems on Saturday?
Miller: It's just a matter of them executing. They really play well as a unit. They understand everything they are supposed to do out there, and do it well. It's as simple as that.

You've won two games in a row now, is there any sense that this team made be on the verge of repeating what happened at the end of last year?
Miller: Yeah, I think this team is very confident in itself right now. Now, all we have to do is go out there and take it game by game and go out there and play well.

You guys have held your past two opponents to under 200 yards of total offense in each of the past two games while the offense has seemingly struggled. Are you starting to get the sense that you guys as a defense have to carry this team if you want to win?
Miller: No, I really wouldn't say something like that. We just have to go out there and do our part. That's how we look at it. I think if have to be in that situation, then we'll take full advantage of it.

Is there a friendly competition between the defense and offense on this team? Do you guys have a rivalry going at all?
Miller: I don't think so. You know, we know what Charlie is capable of doing. We know what kind of ability he has, that's the thing. He may be having kind of an up and down season, kind of like what I had last year. I look at it that way and I understand the pressure that he's going through and the weight that's on his back. You can't put an "S" on his chest and call him superman. He will bounce back.

You've had a strong year this season Justin, have you given any more thought to turning pro after this season?
Miller: No, not all. My main thing right now is getting this team turned around. That's it. That's the only thing going through my mind right now. Top Stories