Ruffin Still Firm

Quentez Ruffin is a big offensive lineman from Tallahassee that made an early commitment to Clemson.

How is his season going and has recruiting cooled off since making his commitment?

"I have about twenty total offers right now," said Ruffin. "I'm still committed to Clemson, but I'm still debating whether or not I want to take other visits right now. Coach Stockstill from South Carolina and Coach Disch from Florida still call me. If I decide to take other visits, Florida, South Carolina, and Tennessee will definitely be teams I would visit."

Ruffin does have one visit set up already.

"I'm going to Clemson on January 14th."

How has his season gone thus far?

"I've graded out at 88%. Teams are recruiting me to play offensive tackle right now." Top Stories