Byrd Planning Visits

North Augusta (SC) S/WR C.J. Byrd (6-3, 184, 4.5) denies a leader but favors Georgia (visited), Florida (visited), Florida State, Clemson (visited) and USC.

ATH C.J. Byrd
6-3, 184, 4.5
North Augusta High School
North Augusta, South Carolina

He named those teams in this order and all have offered.

"I'm going to have to check these schools out one by one," says Byrd. "I'm just taking it day by day, you know.

"Georgia is a great team with a great coaching staff. All around it's a great place too. I really like the football program there.

"Florida has a nice team and I know I could play early over there. QB Chris Leak can really throw the ball around and get it out to his WRs.

"Florida State has a great overall tradition and they are a winning program. Coach Bobby Bowden is a great coach. I really like the school and they are always a competitor for a national title every year.

"Clemson has a great style to their offense. I have an ex-teammate that goes there, Reggie Merriweather (RB), and he really likes it. He's a good friend of mine. It's an in-state school and a good one overall.

"USC won a national championship last year. If I were to go far away to a place that's not too cold it would be here. I'll go to USC if I go far away. They like to throw the ball around a lot and they're a great team. Pete Carroll is a great coach."

Other offers include Ohio State, Michigan, LSU, Oklahoma and Penn State.

Byrd will officially trip to USC this weekend (10/22). He also plans to visit Georgia, Florida, Florida State and Clemson.

North Augusta is 2-6 so far this season. Top Stories