Clemson Football Notebook

The Clemson Tigers returned to the practice fields Monday evening to prepare for Saturday's game against ACC rival N.C. State. As always, has the latest, live from Clemson University.

End Around Problems
Coming into the season, it was expected that wide receivers Airese Currie and Chansi Stuckey would be utilized extensively on end around and reverse plays. Now seven games into the season, it hasn't happened.

Currie is averaging -1.3 yards per rush on seven carries and Stuckey has averaged .9 yards per carry on nine attempts.

"We lost 16 yards," Bowden said in utilizing his wide outs on end around plays Saturday against Maryland. "I'm trying everything, trying to create a big play."

Bowden added that part of the problem Saturday was that when one of the reverse plays was called, the ball mysteriously went from being lined up in the middle of the field, to the hash.

"We call the reverse, middle of the field. We break the huddle, the ball is on the hash. So that one was gone," said Bowden.

"Then the other one they played. I've got to get the ball into the hands of your playmakers. Chansi and Airese...try to put it in their hands and see what happens."

The Jefferson-Pilot sideline reporter who helped call the Maryland game on Saturday, called Tommy Bowden, "Terry" on two occasions before halftime.

Tommy Bowden joked with reporters after practice today that he should have came back with a witty remark.

"I wish I thought about it," Bowden said with a grin. "I got to know that looked like an offensive performance by Terry Bowden. He was a young guy though and I didn't want to embarrass him. I'm sure his producer or somebody said something to him."

Baham Update
Starting wide receiver Curtis Baham, who sat out Saturday's 10-7 win over Maryland, was apparently suspended for an academic reason.

"It's an academic related matter," said Bowden in a prepared statement. "The suspension came on order directed by the provost."

Baham will be back in action for this weekend's game against N.C. State. Baham has eight catches for 89 yards and two touchdowns on the year.

Bowden on Zook
Bowden had some intriguing words about the firing of Florida coach Ron Zook, which occurred earlier today in Gainesville.

Zook was 20-13 in two and a half years as the head coach of the Gators.

"Listening to the President's commission, I thought they had things under control, where academics were very important," said Bowden. "I thought they were going to redirect the direction of college athletics and not let the tail wag the dog. Interesting.

"That's what I was under the impression of. Academics are important, the College Presidents were going to take the bull by the horns and get this thing going in the right direction. Looks like to me that's not necessarily the case."

Parting Shots
It was released on Monday that the Clemson-Miami game will be televised at 7:45 on ESPN on November 6...Maurice Nelson (thigh bruise), Anthony Waters (sprained knee), Duane Coleman (thigh bruise), Chris McDuffie (thigh bruise) are all questionable for Saturday's game against N.C. State...Chansi Stuckey (ankle) is doubtful...Bowden said extra precautions were put into place against Maryland to insure that the play calls were not stolen. Top Stories