Richardson Talks N.C. State

Clemson tackle talks about the upcoming game. <BR>

Barry, there's been a lot of talk this week about that defensive line at N.C. State. How do you stop them, and what have you seen of those guys that could potentially give you problems Saturday?
Richardson: #91 has great speed. It looks to me like he's Gaines Adams except a little bit quicker. He may not have a lot of power though. I can still match him, but speed can kill. I may be lacking a little bit in the foot speed more, but I've been working on that in practice.

Tell me your thoughts about the offensive line so far this year. Do you feel like you guys are getting stronger as a unit?
Richardson: I think so. We are giving up fewer sacks and playing better as a whole at times. We are working as a unit in the pass protection. We have been struggling with our run blocking a little I would say. But, as a whole, we are starting be more like one unit.

What is about the run blocking that could be giving you guys issues?
Richardson: I think it could be inexperience, at least on my part. I'm good at pass protection, but that's not the hardest thing for me to do. Most people say it is. Run blocking is more difficult because you have to read more what the defense is doing.

The past two weeks, you've picked up two big wins. Do you feel like this team may be reaching a point where things could really turn around for you Saturday against N.C. State?
Richardson: I really think so. After that Georgia Tech loss, if we could have won that game, we might have went on the road and went undefeated. You never know. But after picking up two wins in a row, I think we are going to get things turnaround. Top Stories