Quick Hits with Justin Miller

Clemson cornerback talks about playing against the Duke Blue Devils this week. <BR>

Has it really sunk in yet that you beat Miami Saturday night in the Orange Bowl?
Miller: Yeah I think it was a big win for this program. We went out there and played hard and executed. We started a little slow, but we came together and made some things happen and we found a way to win.

What is it about this team that has made it such a second half team in recent years?
Miller: I think we just dug ourselves a hole during the season but we found a way to climb out of it.

Do you have a sense of how the cornerbacks for this team stack up against some of the other teams in the country.
Miller: I think we are the best. I mean hands down, there's no question about that. Week in and week out we play against some good competition and we've held our own. We've proved that we are the best.

Do you think that because of your reputation that teams have been more inclined to throw towards Tye Hill this year?
Miller: I think they have done that at times, but that's really helped him as a player and as a corner.

If you guys are the best, who's second? Is there anybody out there you feel like is right up there.
Miller: I don't know. (laughing)

What's a more difficult atmosphere to play in, Texas A&M or Duke?
Miller: I think it doesn't matter. You've got to be ready to go out and play each game. It's just a matter of taking it week by week.

Yeah, but does the atmosphere at Duke make it any different because it's so quiet?
Miller: No, you can block a lot of things out, but you still have to play.

Why do you think this defense has turned things around here during the last four games like it has?
Miller: I think it starts with our defensive line. You know, they've really stepped up and shut down the running game. That's really been putting the pressure on the offense because a lot of times they are being forced to pass.

Is this a better stretch of defense this year as opposed to the four game winning streak last year?
Miller: I think it is. These past five games we've played in, I think we've played better. It's that simple.

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