Boise Not So Bad?

Clemson head coach talks about the upcoming Miami game, Roger McIntosh, and a possible post season destination of Boise, Idaho during his weekly conference call with the ACC Media. <BR>

What will be your strategy in handling their kick returner, Devin Hester on Saturday?
Bowden: Kick away from him. Punt away from him, kick away from him and we'll work on every conceivable ideas on how to do it. If our punter or kicker shanks one and it goes to him, don't call me an idiot because I'm telling you before hand, we are kicking away from him.

Do you feel frustrated when teams kick away from Justin?
Bowden: I would. They haven't yet. It's kind of like a good baseball player with an intentional walk. I'm sure Hester gets frustrated. Justin Miller has not gotten that kind of respect yet.

So many teams are sitting at 4-4 right now in the ACC. The media tends to make a trip to Boise in the postseason seem like such a bad thing. Right now, would you mind playing out there in a bowl game?
Bowden: We had a great trip. A lot of the kids don't see snow. I know the fans, there are so many bowls added, but the objective of college sports is for the players to enjoy themselves. I know fans are awful important, and all of that. But we had a very pleasurable experience out there.

Would you like to go back there?
Bowden: Sometime yes. I've got to eventually go to the BCS if I want to last around here though. (laughing)

Can you talk about Roger McIntosh and has he turned out to be the player you envisioned he would during the recruiting process?
Bowden: Yeah I think he's going to end up being a two year starter. Linebackers usually don't come in there and play early. He's been very productive on tape. He's kind of what we thought he would be. He went to a school that's won national championships. He's everything I thought he would be.

Your program's stance on Creatine?
Bowden: To my understanding, it's a banned substance in the NCAA and college. Four or five years ago, I remember that being really really big (in high school.) I believe it's been banned. I agree with the ban.

How do you think Duane Coleman is coming off his injury?
Bowden: Getting better. But he hasn't been practicing this week. He has not practiced yet.

In the N.C. State game he had some nice runs, did he tweak it?
Bowden: He had a leg injury. I won't be more specific than that.

With the loss that Miami took to North Carolina, do you kind of get the sense that you may be getting ready to take their best shot on Saturday?
Bowden: Yeah, I don't think there is any doubt. Just knowing young people, I would think the last three games that Miami played, giving up so much yardage. All of a sudden, they are playing Louisville, N.C. State, North Carolina. They probably just thought they could line up and play. I would say they probably won the first two, and then it finally caught up with them.

Have you talked much with your Dad about how to attack Miami this week?
Bowden: No, because of our plan of attack is so different. His offense is struggling, and mine is struggling. He played them so early. I talk to him about three or four times a week, but I haven't talked to him about that. Top Stories