Postgame: Merriweather Believed

Read postgame comments from Reggie Merriweather after Saturday's 24-17 win over Miami.

Just put into words this win tonight and how you guys were able to finally put it all together on the biggest stage of all- the Orange Bowl.
Merriweather: We just came out and finally executed tonight. They caught us at times in the first half on some bad plays, but we did the same thing to them. In the end, we really executed a lot more good plays than bad, and that was the difference in the game. We knew we could get it done.

It looked like you were pretty much doing everything you wanted in this game against their defense. Would you agree with that?
Merriweather: No, I wasn't doing everything I wanted. If I was doing that, I would have rushed for 230 yards. They came out in the first half and were really hitting, and we just kept coming after them. In the second half I finally started breaking free.

Do you think you've finally nailed down the starting running back position?
Merriweather: Well, we've still got four good running backs, there's no doubt about that. I just thank God for giving the talent, and keep working hard week in and week out.

Do you think this win is even sweeter than the win over Florida State last year?
Merriweather: I don't know (laughing). You know in '81 we won a National Championship down here, and now we are coming back in '04 and we are doing it again. Top Stories