Postgame: Whitehurst Has it Going

Clemson quarterback Charlie Whitehurst talks about the big win.

The running game really came through for you tonight, just talk about what Coleman and Merriweather were able to do for you tonight.
Whitehurst: Duane Coleman, Reggie Merriweather, both of those guys really ran hard tonight, it seemed like those guys were falling forward all night. I think Reggie gave every ounce of energy he possibly had tonight. You see him right- he's cooked. I'm just happy for him.

You really put together a solid night tonight after having some tough games earlier this year. Can you just talk about that?
Whitehurst: Yeah, I don't know what my numbers were tonight, but I'm sure they are probably better than what they have been. But that's not the important thing. Winning is the most important thing. You know, if I can go out and play well, then we've got a chance, and tonight it just worked out.

I know you are still a win away from qualifying for a bowl game, but what does this do for you for the last two games of the season?
Whitehurst: Well, everybody knows it's hard to rebound after a win like this, so I hope we can have some fun until Monday's practice and then put it behind us. We go to Duke next weekend, and it will be the complete opposite environment, and we'll have to get ready for that. It's human nature to let down but I hope we don't.

Did you ever dream that four weeks ago, sitting at 1-4, you guys could pull it together and go on a four game winning streak and get to a bowl game?
Whitehurst: Well, it hasn't happened. We've still got to win next week, and then of course, the week after that. But we've got a foundation. We've got something good going here, and I hope we can keep on going. Top Stories