Postgame: Coleman Gets Tombstone

Clemson defensive tackle talks about Saturday's big upset win over Miami.

Eric, the defense really came to play tonight, and you guys just seemed to get better as the game went on. How did you do it?
Coleman: We kind of started off slow, but as we got a feel for their offense and what they were doing, we all just started flying around the ball a lot more. We wrapped up a lot better and we just started playing with a lot more intensity. It was more heartfelt. Once one person felt something, he passed it on to the next guy and then there was no stopping us.

But it really seemed like you guys kept building confidence quarter by quarter, and then by the end you were dominating the game. Would you agree with that?
Coleman: Yeah, we dominated those guys, especially in overtime, in a clutch situation. Everybody did their job and we did what we had to do to win the game.

Is this win even sweeter than the win over Florida State last year?
Coleman: Most definitely. This is my first and only time playing Miami and we took full advantage. It's one and done. We beat 'em. I'm so blessed that we came out on top tonight. So blessed.

And I'm sure it's even sweeter because it's on the road, in the Orange Bowl.
Coleman: That's a tombstone. That's the third one we've gotten since I've been here. It's great. It's just great. Top Stories