Tigers Upset Miami Photo Gallery I

Justin Miller makes another big play on a kickoff return.

Reggie Merriweather broke out in a big way Saturday night with three touchdowns.

The Scoreboard at the Orange Bowl says it all. 24-17 Clemson wins it.

Brock Berlin is brought down for a sack in the fourth quarter.

Airese Currie brings in this deep pass down the middle of the field to set up a score.

Justin Miller shows out before the game.

Jad Dean boots the all important extra point through in overtime.

Look who's in the game in the 4th quarter...it's Dustin Fry.

Brock Berlin protests an intentional grounding call.

Reggie Merriweather dives in from one-yard out for the game-winning score in overtime.

One of the Miami cheerleaders looks on.

Charles Bennett forces a quick pass out of Berlin.

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