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Ramon McElrathbey is one of the most gifted athletes in the south and teams throughout the region have taken notice in the form of scholarship offers for the Atlanta native. Who stands the best chance to sign him right now?

ATH Ramon McElrathbey
5-11, 180, 4.5
Mays High School
Atlanta, Georgia

"Oh, I still like Auburn, Clemson, Arkansas, Michigan and Vanderbilt. All of them have offered me except Michigan," Ramon McElrathbey said in a recent interview with

In his last update, McElrathbey said Auburn was now his favorite. Is that still true?

"No, I don't have a leader now. Auburn is crunching scholarships right now and they are just kind of wanting me to wait until I commit. There are also some issues with guys at my position too."

What stands out about the 5 schools still in consideration?

Auburn: "I like the stability and the academics."

Clemson: "I checked out Coach Bowden's contract and he has a 4 million dollar buyout so that's good. I like the town also."

Arkansas: "I like the college feel of the area."

Michigan: "I like the tradition up there. They send me a lot of letters."

Vanderbilt: "I love their academics and if you go there you can be a millionaire or anything you want."

McElrathbey has two official visits scheduled for the end of the year.

"I go to Clemson and Arkansas sometime in December, but I don't remember the dates."

What does he want most in a school?

"I want a stable coaching situation. If I go somewhere, I want to have the same coaches the entire time."

Mays High School had a tough year this season.

"We finished 5-5 and just out of the playoffs. I'm getting ready for basketball and track season right now." Top Stories