Mathis Suspended

The fate of Troy Mathis was resolved Thursday and the judgment is not as bad as it could be, but it's still a ways from being what he had hoped for.

The fate of Clemson basketball player Troy Mathis was resolved Thursday and the judgment is not as bad as it could be, but it's still a ways from being what he had hoped for.

The university announced that Mathis, a freshman, is immediately suspended from Clemson and will remain so until the end of the semester due to a fight he and 22 other students were involved in on Sept. 6, in front of McCabe Hall.

"A subsequent investigation by the Office of Judicial Services resulted in disciplinary sanctions against 23 students who were charged with violating the university's student code of conduct," the university said in a statement. "According to university policy, a student can be charged with a violation of the student code even if no criminal charges are warranted. Disciplinary sanctions varied, depending on the individual student's level of participation in the incident. Sanctions ranged from community service to one case of suspension for the current semester."

As a result of the suspension, all the time he's spent in class for the better part of two months is all for naught. It's as if he never even enrolled at the university.

Mathis will be allowed to apply for reinstatement for the spring semester and return as a student. However, his basketball season is over.

Mathis has been suspended from the basketball team for one year, Tigers coach Oliver Purnell announced Thursday. The good news for Mathis, however, is the fact that still has four years of eligibility remaining and can start practicing with the team in January.

"We ask our players, and feel very strongly, that they should, when they see trouble coming, go the other way," Purnell said. "In this situation, we didn't do that. Obviously Troy didn't do that. And he found himself in a situation that had to be dealt with at the university level in terms of a fight."

Even though most of the basketball team was involved in the fight, and even though none of the other 22 students were suspended from school, Purnell said he thinks the punishment of Mathis, who was expected to compete for a starting job at point guard, is fair.

Initially following the fight, Mathis, along with teammates Sherrod Ford and Cheyenne Moore were suspended from school for one year by the Student Judiciary Committee. Clemson's vice president of student affairs Almeda Jacks overturned Ford's and Moore's suspension on appeal, but kept Mathis' one-year suspension intact.

"Each case was decided on its own merits," said Clemson chief public affairs officer Cathy Sams, who would not refer specifically to the names of the students, said at the time. "We think the sanctions were fair."

Mathis appealed that ruling to school president James Barker, and he handed down his final decision on Thursday. Top Stories