Clemson - Duke Notebook

DURHAM, N.C. – It's becoming ever more likely that there's virtually no chance of Clemson playing in the Peach Bowl for a second consecutive year. <BR><BR>

The Peach Bowl, which follows the Bowl Championship Series and Gator Bowl in the pecking order, will have the option of choosing between Virginia, Miami, Virginia Tech or Florida State, all of which entered Saturday ranked in the top 25.

But what hurts the Tigers' cause even more is the fact that most believe South Carolina will represent the Southeastern Conference in the bowl, regardless of whether or not the Gamecocks beat Clemson next week.

And bowl officials don't like to have rematch games.

"We've never done that," Peach Bowl representative Art Gregory told "We feel when a team beats its instate rival on the last game of the year, that the winner should have the bragging rights for a full year. It wouldn't be right for the two teams to play again and I would personally vote against it."

The Peach Bowl was faced with a similar option a few years ago when it could have selected Georgia and Georgia Tech, but Gregory said that choice was discarded rather quickly by the committee.

Even though Gregory was the only representative from any bowl in attendance at Saturday's game between Clemson and Duke, he as much said it's not likely the Tigers will be chosen.

"It's largely a function of what our options are when it's time to select," he said. "The records will dictate who we choose."

With the Peach Bowl likely out of the question, Clemson fans can hope for a trip to the Continental Tire Bowl in Charlotte or that more than six teams from the ACC qualify for a bowl. If that happens, then the Tigers could end up someplace like San Francisco or Las Vegas.

But if only six teams qualify, Clemson could be making a return trip to Boise, Idaho.

As usual, Clemson had 62 make the road trip to Duke, but there was a moment when it looked as though only 49 would make it to the game.

The Tigers stayed at the Marriott Hotel in Durham, Friday night and because of a malfunction, 13 players got trapped in an elevator for quite some time.

The elevator stopped short of a floor, but was just close enough where six (Yusef Kelly, Kelvin Grant, Eric Sampson, Bobby Williamson, Duane Coleman and Brandon Nolen) of the 13 players could crawl out and escape.

However, seven players (Cedric Johnson, Trey Tate, Dustin Fry, Roman Fry, Cliff Harrell, Chip Myrick and Tavaghn Monts) remained in the elevator for a total of an hour and 20 minutes.

One problem might have been the fact that the weight limit posted in the elevator said 3,000 pounds and there were 3,255 pounds worth of Clemson players in it.

Clemson quarterback Charlie Whitehurst surpassed the 7,000-yard career passing mark. … Wide receiver Airese Currie went past the 2,000-yard career receiving mark. … Justin Miller ran one snap at quarterback and rushed up the middle. He lost one yard. …

It took the small throng of Duke fans nearly 20 minutes to tear down a goal post. … Wide receiver Kelvin Grant said he was told that he's going to have to catch 1,000 passes after dropping yet another crucial pass. … Duke only had 21 yards rushing. … The Blue Devils won the time of possession battle in every quarter. … Clemson is now 4-4 in its last eight trips to Duke. Top Stories