Postgame: Reggie Merriweather

Clemson running back talks about the loss to Duke. <BR>

What happened out there today?
Merriweather: I can't really put into words what just happened. They played hard, they fought hard, just like we did against Miami. They were an underrated team, just like we were last week. They wanted it more than we did and won it.

Why do you think they wanted it more than you did?
Merriweather: I have no idea.

It looked like when the team ran the ball up the middle, that the offense was doing well. Did some of the passes break up that rhythm?
Merriweather: I don't know. I thought we ran the ball great. We had a couple of plays, you know, third and one, fourth and two where we threw the ball on playaction. That didn't work out for us. I think the coaches had a good gameplan, but we didn't stick with it.

Is this one of the worst feelings you've had in your gut?
Merriweather: No I wouldn't say its one of the worst feelings I've had in my gut, but we need the next win bad. We have to go in there next week against Carolina, and play hard, and hopefully we will be bowl eligible.

Was motivation a factor today?
Merriweather: I think we were motivated. We had a lot of fans here. We just came out, we had bad plays and good plays.

Do you think this shakes your confidence headed into next week?
Merriweather: No, we play as a family and we've done that now for 52 weeks. I don't think it shakes our confidence. We just have to get out there and get a win next week.

When did you sense that this may not be your day?
Merriweather: Kelvin dropped that ball, that was a big play. And then we ran that 35 and didn't get the first down, and had a couple of dropped balls. Then they stop the run a couple of plays. It just fell apart. Top Stories