Whitehurst: "We're Ticked Off"

CUTigers.com sat down with Charlie Whitehurst for another one-on-one interview this week. Here's what Clemson's main man had to say about the big game Saturday. <BR>

Charlie, the offensive struggles have been well-documented with this team this year. I was wondering if there has been anything your dad has told to you that has helped you out along the way?
Whitehurst: I think mainly it's just been good fatherly advice. Just keep working hard. Things are going turn. Just basic stuff. He doesn't really have any secrets to tell me or anything like that. He's just been really supportive.

It seems like we've waiting all season long for this offense to turn the corner. Can you tell me what has to happen against South Carolina for you to do just that?
Whitehurst: I think we have to do a bunch of things. Everybody has to show up. Obviously the offensive line has to play well, I have to play well, as do the backs and receivers. There have been plays that we need to make in the running game and the passing game. We've been close. If we can make those plays, then we'll score some points.

63-17 is something we've heard a lot of this week. Is that something that enters your mind at all Saturday after the opening kickoff?
Whitehurst: Not mine. Not at all. We won't think about that much. They may think about that a little more. After the ball is snapped, it's all about this year. Last year has nothing to do with it.

Does this game come at a good time for this team considering the dismal performance a week ago?
Whitehurst: You know, I think we could play this game any time during the year and we'd be ready to go. I'm sure you could say the same thing about them. We're ticked off right now. We need to get this win, and we'd be ready for it no matter when it was played.

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