Saturday's Fight: Incident Report Filed

CLEMSON – The ramifications from Clemson's game Saturday's against South Carolina keep on coming. <BR><BR> This time, however, it involves a non-athlete.<BR>

Jessica Yvette Patterson, a student at Clemson and a member of the school's color guard, filed an assault and battery incident report Saturday following an incident that occurred during the shoving match between the two schools prior to the start of the game.

Patterson, a 20-year-old junior and native of Kershaw, told university police that she was hit in the back of the head while the two teams were going at it at the bottom of the hill. She then fell to the ground, where an unidentified South Carolina player picked up her flag and threw it.

Campus police are currently investigating the matter.

Dr. Mark J. Spede, Director of Bands, Director of Tiger Band, and Conductor of Symphonic Band at Clemson, said in his 24 years of involved with bands at universities that this is the first time a member of the band was injured by a football player.

"I was at Florida for the fight with Florida State and at Texas when it happened against Texas A&M," he told "I've seen some of the big ones. But I've never had a member of the band get involved."

Spede added that Patterson's health is fine. Top Stories