Larry Shyatt on Wake Forest

We have quotes from Clemson head basketball coach Larry Shyatt on this weekend's game ACC against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. It has been more than 10 years since the Tigers have won in Winston-Salem.

The Last Meeting with Wake Forest
"The last time our guys went against their guys it was 40-7 right before halftime. Its been 11 possibly 12 years since we've won there, so you are a looking at poor odds. But nevertheless, we are taking in a quality road win against Tech, and aa quality win against Virginia."

Clemson's Success against Pressing Teams
"There are a lot of teams in our league that are full court pressing, almost everybody with the exception of us, everyone else presses. I think sometimes when you risk take you do leave people wide open. I think we've done relatively well against both types of teams home and away."

"I'm not sure our style of play has as much to do with our success against the press. Stockman, Christie, Scott have chosen good times to attack, and we've benefited as a result."

Success Early in the Game
"I think its important, but its over dramtaticized sometime. I thinks it important for you to find out how good you are whether you are behind our ahead. We certainly need to get off to a good start. You are looking at a club in Wake forest that had an ubeliveable expereince against these same players."

Using Lack of Respect as Motivation
"I think there are times when I just want to give our players a reality check. Dreams aren't what you want to bargain for, as it much as it hurts sometimes to hear where you are. You have to have at least a perspective of what others think or say about you. Its certainly not a overwhelming motivational tool."

Physical Aspects of Clemson
We were rebounding well at the times of our losses to Withrop and Yale, and we did the same things against Georiga Tech and Virginia, we just began to knock down shots. I told my guys, Virginia just went 2-25, did they come into Littlejohn and not try? Certainly not, they just didn't make their shots. Our players have been a pilar of consistency all year except for making shots."

The Progress of the Freshmen
Their progress has been enormous, you prgress the most at practice. Practice is the largest tool we have as a barometer. They have played large rolls, especially when Stockman and McKnight were out for so many games. I'm pleased with their work effort and their ability to improve. Chey Christie has adjusted tremendously to the college game. His willingness to play the small forward, the shooting guard, or point, has been a big benefit to our team.

Assesment of Wake Forest Overall
"I have a high level of respect for Wake, they have 5 seniors that have been through the rigors of the ACC. They have talent and experience, and they have not been beaten at home. Their rookies off the bench has played hard, and each one of them have had their moments at different times. Clearly this is one of the few teams in the league that is extremely experienced, with a couple of all-conference players each year. Now you've combined experience and depth."

"They are holding people to 68.5 points a game, that may be better than they've been doing in the past."

"I haven't seen a great deal of difference between the Wake teams of this year and the past, I though they were extremely aggressive the times we've played them. They have utilized their seniors very well in offensive situations. I think Wake is very similar with both coach Prosser and Coach Odom. Their players are similar so the team is similar."

Is Clemson Basketball Back?
"I'm collecting each as much hate mail as complements still so I'd say its still too soon to say that. I'm jogging around campus a week ago and it seemed like people want to hit me that were driving by, I don't feel that as much now. I think we have some the right players in our program right now that can help take this program to the next level."

Playing in Winston-Salem
"We haven't figured that out yet, buildings are rarely the problem. Buildings and coaches are overrated, players our underrated. Some of our better road games in recent memory have been against Wake, but we haven't been able to get over the hump with the win. We've played hard and pretty well, but not well enough to win."

"I always worry about losing, arrogance, confidence. My confidence and my trust in our players has grown, because up to this point, they've weathered a couple of vastly different storms. They have the ability to comeback, and they've never been beaten twice in a row. If you remember, after the Georgia Tech victory, they provided a very good effort against Virginia. We are playing for a place in the upper division of the ACC, I think that is something that is reward to our players. It enables us to look at ourselves in a different light." Top Stories