JackSmack: Issue #32

Well Tiger Hoops are on a roll, and I hope Shyatt continues to prove me wrong. Hobbs and McKnight led us to a big win at Georgia Tech and then McKnight (who's looking like a big time stud) along with Scott led us to an even bigger win versus Virginia.

We're now (11-6, 2-1). This week, we have 2 winnable games. Saturday, we play at Wake Forest and then Tuesday, we get an underrated N.C. State team in Littlejohn. Keep it up, Larry.

Nationally in college basketball, it was upset central this past week:

Arizona loses to Oregon
Duke loses to Florida State
Virginia loses to N.C. State
Stanford loses to Cal
Virginia loses to Clemson
Illinois loses to Purdue
Kentucky loses to Georgia

What a week! This weekend there a good handful of games that are important (not like they all aren't):

Kentucky @ South Carolina
Virginia @ UNC
Kansas @ UCLA
Duke @ N.C. State
Indiana @ Iowa
Alabama @ Auburn
Clemson @ Wake Forest

Also, next week:

Tues: Iowa @ Illinois
Thurs: Maryland @ Duke

Some quick thoughts on college football: Spurrier resigns, so Grossman, Gaffney, and Caldwell (a possible national title team) leave for the NFL. Tennessee loses Stallworth, Washington, and Haynesworth. Maybe these two teams won't be in the preseason top 5 next year after all. Georgia and South Carolina must be licking their collective chops.

So Florida hires Ron Zook, Oklahoma keeps Stoops, and some idiot on espn.com thinks Willingham being hired at Notre Dame (their 3rd choice at best) might be more important than the signing of Jackie Robinson back in the day. Give me a !@#$% break.

On to the NFL, where coaching vacancies are making as much news as the playoffs. I don't know who Carolina, San Diego, and Indianapolis end up with, but the Vikings hired Mike Tice, I think Spurrier goes to the Redskins, and I don't care what the Bucs do in the playoffs, Parcells will be the new coach in Tampa Bay.

By the way, there was mention of a comeback by Troy Aikman, with the possibility of playing for Norv Turner. It looks like Norv may be headed to Stanford, so now there are rumors of Troy going to Miami. In an article I wrote a couple of years ago (before cutigers.com), I pleaded with Troy to retire. He's got nothing left to prove. So stupid. Just like Lindros and everyone else that gets multiple concussions, get out of the game. You've made enough money, just quit. You're gonna end up a vegetable.

Last week's picks were a nice rebound to (3-0). That is 8 out of the last 9 picks of the week in a row hitting. St. Louis killed the Falcons, San Fran did the same to New Orleans, and Baltimore squeaked out their cover Monday Night against the Vikes.

At the beginning of the season, I picked St. Louis and Denver to go to the Super Bowl. Well, one's a number one seed and the other is sitting at home.

Oh well.

I thought Favre was going to have an MVP season and he did finish 3rd in the voting, but I lost a lot of respect for Brett giving that sack to Strahan. If you think it was legit, clean your crackpipe, because that was flat out wrong.

Before I pick all of this weekend's games, here are the lines:


Tampa Bay @ Philadelphia (-3 ½)
N.Y. Jets @ Oakland (-4)


San Francisco @ Green Bay (-3 ½)
Baltimore @ Miami (-2 ½)

I like Philly (-3 ½) over a bad TB team, San Fran (+3 ½) as the December playoff record for the Pack goes bye-bye, and I like Miami (-2 ½) over an overrated Ravens squad. My pick of the week is the Jets (+4) @ Oakland. The Raiders are on their heels, and I'll take 4 any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

So enjoy a great weekend of NFL playoffs with some college hoops intertwined.

Agree? Disagree? Any questions, comments, or barbs, feel free to e-mail Jack at: Jacksmackcu01@yahoo.com

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