Stamper Chooses Auburn

First Coast linebacker Ryan Stamper, who was a standout at an Auburn football camp this summer, says that he will sign a scholarship with the Tigers. <BR>

He chose Auburn over North Carolina, Clemson, Georgia Tech and others.

The 6-2 1/2, 210-pounder came to Auburn to check out the Tigers for the Georgia game and called his trip to AU a perfect 10.

His coach at First Coast, Martin Lee, says that Stamper is an outstanding football prospect.

Stamper says he likes Auburn's defensive style. "It's like everybody attacks the football," he notes. "It's like 11 hats to the ball every play. They are trying, they are diving on the pile and everybody is trying to get some. Then, their DBs are covering well and their linebackers run and get to the football well. And their linebackers are playing behind a good defensive line so they have got a real good defense. To me the best defense in the NCAA."

Stamper attended a Clemson game earlier this year, and also was at one of the spring scrimmages. His teammate, TE Paul Muse, committed to Clemson earlier this summer. Top Stories