The Remaining 2005 Recruiting Board

Who's left on the board? What two positions will the Tigers' recruit the hardest with their remaining slots? How many players will the Tigers sign? We've got all the answers, and much more, inside! <BR>

* With 22 verbal commitments in the bag, the Clemson coaching staff has some serious decisions to make between now and signing day. Clearly the two largest needs that now must be addressed are are at linebacker and running back.

* At running back, the board is shrinking and shrinking fast. Leading the way is Miami native Demerick Chancelor, who currently has the Tigers as his number one school. will have much more on Chancelor this week. Also at the top of the board is Columbia's Mike Davis and Greenville's Travil Jamison. If possible, running back is a position that the staff could elect to oversign.

* Mike Davis is likely going to come down to a two team race between Clemson and Auburn. Alabama and South Carolina are still somewhat in the mix, but look for this battle to stay mainly between Clemson and Auburn.

* Jamison, as we've maintained for quite some time, is only looking at Clemson and South Carolina. Jamison's family is currently in favor of Clemson, however has been informed that hiring of Steve Spurrier at South Carolina has caused Jamison to give a second look to the Gamecocks.

* The other primary need in the 2005 recruiting class is at linebacker. With Josh Miller's commitment in the bag, the main attention now turns towards prospects like Avery Vogt and Eugene Hayes. Darius Dewberry could still be signed in a "sign and place" scenario.

* Other recent news picked up by includes the intensified recruitment of Hivera Green out of Conway. Clemson continues to make tremendous strides here, which only be amplified with several members of the coaching staff visit Conway High School Monday morning. Do not be surprised if Clemson is able to pull off the small coup and land Green. If signed, Green would almost completely lock down the state of South Carolina in orange, especially when you consider that only one prospect currently verbally committed to South Carolina that was even offered by the Tigers (Damien Wright).

* The coaching staff will also be making a trip to Bennettsville on Monday to speak with Rendrick Taylor. Taylor has gone on record with that he will still visit South Carolina and Florida State. Don't be surprised if that changes after Monday.

* The staff will also be visiting the North/South All-Star game practice session on Monday.

* Other prospects that the staff would oversign for in the 2005 recruiting class include Hivera Green (mentioned above), Jamie Robinson, Darius Dewberry, Ryan Stamper, Jonathan Hannah, and others.

* Clemson will definitely oversign the total number of prospects originally anticipated in this recruiting class. Even though the current numbers would be pushed above limits, don't be surprised to see 25 players signed on signing day. The numbers have a way of working themselves out. It's said every year around signing day, and it always holds true.

* As it stands now, the 2005 recruiting class at Clemson seems like a lock to ranked among the top 15-20 classes in the country this year. That number could rise even higher if the Tigers can sway Mike Davis, Hivera Green, and/or Jamie Robinson. Top Stories