Q&A with Sadaat Chambers

The Clemson Tigers picked up a commitment Sunday from Central standout Sadaat Chambers. <BR>

ATH Sadaat Chambers
5-11, 190, 4.4
Pageland Central High School
Pageland, South Carolina

When did you reach your decision to commit to Clemson?
Chambers: Well yesterday and this morning I talked with my mom. We decided I should go ahead and commit.

How did you tell the coaching staff about your commitment?
Chambers: Coach Swinney had called this morning. I called him back. He had just gotten out of a meeting with Coach Bowden. He said Coach Bowden wanted him to call me to see if I was ready to commit, and if not, to see if he could come visit.

What was Coach Swinney's reaction when you told him you were committing to Clemson?
Chambers: He was real excited. He was glad I had made my decision.

Did the coaching staff accept your commitment?
Chambers: Yes, they accepted the commitment.

How does your family feel about your decision?
Chambers: They are real excited. My mom wanted me to got to Clemson the whole time, so she was happy about it.

Did the commitments of other prospects last week impact the timing of your commitment?
Chambers: Yes, Coach Swinney told me I was taking a gamble. I didn't want to take too long. I had planned on committing pretty soon. My mom and I decided it was time.

Do you know when the coaches will visit again?
Chambers: Coach Swinney will be coming to see me this week I think and Coach Bowden will be coming to see me sometime in January.

What position do you think you will play for the Tigers?
Chambers: I will play defensive back. Hopefully I will also get a chance to play some running back.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding athlete from South Carolina, right up through signing day 2005.

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