Roman Fry Highlights From This Weekend

We had a chance to hear from Ed Fry, OL Roman Fry's father, about his family's visit down to Clemson this past weekend and we'd thought we'd share some of his comments here.

"We had a great time as did many others. We were talking on the way home and Roman is thoroughly convinced-as we are-that he will be attending the finest university in the nation. He also commented that CU may need to do more recruiting up in our area, as many "northerners" could not possibly resist the southern hospitality and way of life found in the Clemson area."

"Some of the specific keys to his decision were the academic support network for student-athletes, the strength coaches, the unbelievable fan support, the coaching staff as a whole, and the way he was recruited, and finally - Coach Bowden."

"You know, he was one of only two head coaches in this recruiting process that expressed a sincere interest in the players' spiritual development. That meant a lot to us."

"He wishes he could stay down there right now!"

Welcome aboard Mr. Fry! You are in for quite a ride in Tiger Town. Top Stories