One OC Candidate Off the Board confirms that one reported offensive coordinator candidate isn't really a candidate after all. <BR>

LSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher has been a hot commodity ever since his Tigers won the national title last January. There have been no shortages of teams seeking his services for everything from offensive coordinator to even head coach.

However, contrary to a report on web site and in a newspaper earlier this week, Clemson is not one of those schools looking to employ Fisher.

"Jimbo's never mentioned it to me," Fisher's agent Jimmy Sexton told Friday. "If a school had made him an offer or had some interest in him, he would tell me."

Sexton, who is also the agent for Auburn head coach Tommy Tuberville, LSU head coach Nick Saban and Dallas Cowboys head coach Bill Parcels, conceded that "contact" may have taken place between Clemson coach Tommy Bowden and Fisher. However, he did lay down a condition as to why any conversations may have taken place.

Sexton said that because the two coaches are such good friends, "contact" between them happens very often and that if the two spoke this week, "there's nothing to it." They coached together at Auburn and have remained close ever since.

There are other factors as well that doesn't make the Fisher-to-Clemson scenario very plausible.

First of all, Fisher is already one of the highest paid assistant coaches in the country and LSU is a national powerhouse. Moreover, LSU has more of a power-based offense, which is almost the exact opposite of Clemson's.

The two top candidates for the offensive coordinator position at this time are Toledo offensive coordinator Rob Spence and fired BYU head coach Gary Crowton, both of whom were first reported as candidates by Top Stories