JD "90%" Sure of CU Commitment

Thanks to a visit from Head Coach Tommy Bowden and Running Backs Coach Burton Burns, the Tigers now have the lead for 4-star running back James Davis.<BR><BR>

Clemson Head Coach Tommy Bowden and Running Backs Coach Burton Burns had a very successfull meeting at Douglass High earlier this week.

"Coach Bowden and Coach Burns came to see me at school. It went very well. I liked what they had to say. They told me how I can have early playing time at Clemson," said Davis in an interview with CUTigers.com.

During the meeting, coach Bowden reviewed his offensive plans for the future with the prize recruit. "They have a package plan they want to run. He was telling me about the offensive plan they have. Coach Bowden shared the plan with me and told me as soon as he hires an offensive coordinator that he will send him to visit with me."

Clemson is now the clear leader for the talented running back. "They are the leader," said Davis. "I liked what they said to me. It sounded good."

One of the early leaders for the four-star running back seems to have faded. "I haven't talked with Tennessee in like 3 weeks," stated Davis.

The Georgia standout will likely make his commitment over the course of the next month. "I will probably wait until after my Florida visit. I will visit them on the 21st. I may commit after my Clemson visit. I would say there is probably a 50% chance that I will go ahead and commit after the Clemson visit."

What are the chances that he will commit to the Tigers? "I would say about 90%," said Davis. "If I had to go somewhere today I would go to Clemson. In the end I will go to Clemson. All my coaches have good things to say about Clemson."

The Douglass High standout is not yet committed to the Tigers, but he is already pushing other players to join him at Clemson.

"Rae Rae and I are real excited about playing together. We are working Carlos Thomas now. We are trying to get him as well. We are all three coming up for the official visit together on January 14. I am also talking to my teammate Brandon Sesay to see if I can convince him. He is not a solid commit to Georgia."

Davis will be playing in the Georgia All-star game later this month. "I leave Saturday to play in the Georgia North/South All-star game," stated the four star back.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding running back from Georgia, right up through signing day 2005.

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