Shrine Bowl Post Game Comments

SPARTANBURG - Read what some of Clemson's biggest recruits had to say after the Shrine Bowl.<BR>

Mike Davis

How did it feel to score a touchdown in the Shrine Bowl?
"It feels great to score a touchdown in the Shrine Bowl. To play with some of the best players in North Carolina and South Carolina. It feels great to score a touchdown in the Shrine Bowl."

What did the coach tell you at the half to get you to come out and play so well in the second half?
"He told us to stay physical. He said to read your blocks and to stay on your blocks."

Did all of teammates that are committed to Clemson have an impact on you this week?
"Yeah, they are making real good progress. I'm thinking about going to Clemson. I'm going to take everything into consideration. Everything is good."

J.C. Neal

How did it feel to get two interceptions in today's game?
"It feels good. It feels real good."

Did all of teammates that are committed to Clemson have an impact on you this week?
"It did a little bit. There were about 10 of them on the team so it's got to have an impact on you."

Who is your current leader?
"North Carolina State is still my leader."

When do you plan to make your commitment?
"Sometime in January after I take all of my visits."

Josh Miller

How did it feel to get the victory today?
"It was a good win. I'm glad we won this game because we were disrespected all week long. We came out and showed that we were dominant in this victory and that was a good thing."

What did the coach tell you at halftime to get the great second half perfomance?
"The coach told us at the half to just calm down and stop trying to do everything too fast. He said it was his fault in the first half to come out trying to run and gun too quickly."

Are you looking forward to playing for Clemson next season?
"I'm looking forward to getting ready to play linebacker for Clemson next season. I'm ready to hit somebody."

Hivera Green

Did the Clemson commits work you hard for Clemson this week?
"Yeah they worked me. Everybody was telling me to come to Clemson."

Did they make any progress?
"Yes sir they made a little progress. I'm still thinking about it, but I'm going to take my visits."

Who are your current leaders?
"Its Viriginia Tech and Clemson."

When do you expect to make a decision?
"Probably after I take my visits, but if I like one when I visit I may go ahead and commit."

Sadaat Chambers

Tell us about the 2 point conversion play where you scored?
"It was good. I would have rather it have been for a touchdown. I knew it was coming to me."

Have you spent a lot of time with the other Clemson commits this week?
"We talked a lot about Clemson this week. We tried to get other people to come join us like Mike Davis and Eric Huggins."

Did you make any progress with any of the other players?
"I roomed with Davis. He was talking about coming to Clemson."

Do you still plan to take some other visits?
"I'm going to take my other visits. My coach said its good to take all of your visits."

Thomas Austin

How did it feel to get the victory today?
"It felt great. We worked hard all week. We never doubted ourselves. People were talking about how much better they were than us. We showed them today."

What kind of running back is Mike Davis?
"Mike is a hard runner. He really knows how to look for the hole. If you give him a little bit of a seem he finds it."

What are the Tigers' chances of getting Mike Davis?
"I think there is a good chance. We're trying to get him. I think there is a real good chance."

Haydrian Lewis

Are you looking foward to getting to Clemson next fall?
"Yes I can't wait to get to Clemson. It's over for me now as far as high school. I'm ready to get in that weight room and work hard. I'm looking forward to getting up there in the fall and being on the Clemson campus. I can't wait." Top Stories