Kelly May Miss Second Degree

Yusef Kelly was planning on graduating for the second time next spring. But after learning of his scholarship being reduced, he may not be able to finish his coursework.<BR><BR> <b>Updated: 5:32 PM</b> has learned that former Clemson running back Yusef Kelly will see a reduction in his scholarship for the spring semester.

Yusef orginally thought he had his entire scholarship taken away, before he learned late Monday that it would likely just be his living expenses that would not be paid for.

"That's about $2,400, so it will be hard for me to go back knowing I've got to pay that. Room and board is still supposed to be covered. I'm still going to go talk to them and try to get it where I can go back to school and pay my rent," said Kelly.

Kelly had already earned a Bachelor's degree from Clemson in Marketing, and was working towards his second degree, which he was scheduled to finish out during the spring semester of 2005.

Kelly added, "From what I understand, some athletes in the past have just been taking classes to get a check. So this may be a way of preventing that sort of thing from happening, I don't know."

Kelly orginally thought his entire scholarship had been taken away.

"About a week and a half ago, I went and checked the web site and it was all gone. They had taken my (financial) aid away," said the Walterboro native.

Kelly said that nobody from Clemson has called him to talk about his situation.

Kelly became a scapegoat of sorts when a picture released nationwide showed him kicking a South Carolina player while was down on the ground. He also was quoted in several newspapers after throwing a South Carolina football player's helmet into the stands.

After learning that he may be unable to finish his second degree this semester, Kelly said he thinks he has several options available to him.

"I'll definitely appeal. Right now, I'm working out, but I'm figuring it's pretty much a long shot for me to make the NFL, so I'm getting my resume together, praying that I will be able to find a job," said the Walterboro, SC native.

As it stands now, Kelly has had no contact Clemson about the situation.

"I just haven't been able to be able to get over there because of the holidays and everything going on. I'm pretty sure nobody is really around, but I'll find out more about it on Jan. 3," said Kelly.

Yusef spent his four years playing football at Clemson as a running back, before becoming more of a special teams performer during the later part of his senior year.

He was the third leading rusher on the team this past season, carrying the ball 38 times for 119 yards and a touchdown. He also recorded nine special teams tackles. Top Stories