Green Still with Two Leaders

Hivera Green says Clemson and Virginia Tech still lead for his services. <BR>

South Carolina defensive end Hivera Green (6-5, 255, 4.8,'s #31 DE, 3 stars) still says Virginia Tech and Clemson lead solidly over South Carolina.

"Both of my leaders are pretty solid for me right now," says Green, from Conway.

"Virginia Tech's program is real strong this year. They've got a great coaching staff and they're going to their 12th straight bowl game.

"Clemson is an in-state school and I kind of like the idea of staying close to home. I've got a great relationship with coach (Tommy) Bowden. And coach Bowden has never had a losing season while he's been there.

"Clemson has been on me since the beginning of all this and that's why I like them.

"I think the city of Columbia in South Carolina is great--I really like it there. The coaches there have been recruiting me hard through all of this.

"With coach (Steve) Spurrier going there I've kind of had to re-open my options with recruiting and where I want to go. We'll see how my official visit with them goes.

"But I will be making my decision between these three schools."

Green will officially visit South Carolina (1/7), Clemson (1/14) and Virginia Tech (1/22). Top Stories