Koenning Waiting on TDP's Approval

If all is approved by Clemson athletics director Terry Don Phillips, Troy defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Vic Koenning will be named Clemson's new defensive coordinator within a few days. <BR>

Contract terms, which includes number of guaranteed years and amount, has been submitted by Tigers coach Tommy Bowden to Phillips, and assuming he approves the deal, Koenning will be in Clemson be the middle of next week.

On Thursday, a statewide radio show reported that Bowden had given Koenning a week to accept or decline the job and that the ball was in Koenning's court. Koenning said that was incorrect.

"I honestly don't know how long the contract will be or for how much," Koenning said. "Everything is with the AD right now. The school is doing everything it needs to do to make sure everything is set. But to be honest, money isn't important. It is for my family, but it's not the most important thing in my life.

"Besides, the cocky and confident part in me says I shouldn't need a two-year contract to come to Clemson. I have enough confidence to work on a year-to-year basis."

Without coming right out and saying he's formally been offered the job, Koenning did say that he had a very emotional meeting Thursday with some of the linebackers he coaches.

"I shed a few tears today with a couple of my players that I've gotten real close to," Koenning said. "I'm hoping and believe that I can get just as close with new relationships at Clemson."

Koenning has made no secret that he wants to be the new defensive coordinator at Clemson, despite the fact that N.C. State is interested in his services and that Troy has offered more money if he stays.

"Opportunities come along every so often and you have to decide which one you choose," Koenning said. "This is the opportunity that I think I need to take advantage of."

If he comes to Clemson, what the future holds for linebackers coach David Blackwell is a major question mark.

As reported by CUTigers.com, Blackwell has a job waiting for him at Southern California as an assistant coach and recruiting coordinator if he wants it.

If Blackwell decides to stay at Clemson, Koenning said he will most likely coach the secondary. If Blackwell leaves, then Koenning will takeover as linebackers coach.

"If and when I get there, we'll work everything out as a defensive staff," Koenning said. "I might be the defensive coordinator, but we are a team and you need the whole team to work together if you're going to be successful. And I have no doubts that Clemson is going to be very, very successful."

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