Murchison Back from USC

Clemson commitment Antwan Murchison talks about his weekend in Columbia.

DE Antwan Murchison
6-5, 250, 4.7
Pinecrest High School
Southern Pines, North Carolina

How would you rate the visit on a scale of one to ten?
Antwan Murchinson: I would give the visit probably about a seven. It was pretty good.

What was the highlight of your visit to South Carolina?
Antwan Murchinson: I liked the campus and the atmosphere at the basketball game.

What did the South Carolina coaching staff discuss with you during the visit?
Antwan Murchinson: They were excited that I came. They know I am committed to Clemson and that I am going to visit Clemson. They didn't bad mouth Clemson, they were just trying to sell South Carolina.

Are you still firmly committed to Clemson?
Antwan Murchinson: Yes sir, I am still firm with Clemson.

Did the visit to South Carolina have any impact on your commitment?
Antwan Murchinson: I am going to visit Clemson next weekend. I will make my final decision after the visit, but I am firm with my commitment to Clemson.

When was the last time you spoke with the Clemson coaching staff?
Antwan Murchinson: Coach West came to the house on Thursday. He met with my parents and me. It was a good visit. He talked with my uncle and me. He met with my parents why I was at basketball practice.

What are you doing to get ready for next season?
Antwan Murchinson: I can't lift heavy so I'm doing light workouts. After basketball is over I'll start my heavy training.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding athlete from North Carolina, right up through signing day 2005. Top Stories