Gamble a Late Commit?

Durham, North Carolina 3-star linebacker Charles Gamble may not be ready to make a commitment by signing day. Are the Tigers still recruiting the star defender? has the answers in this recruiting update.

The 6-3, 215 pound prospect is not ready to set his official visit at this time. "I have no idea yet when I will schedule my visits. I haven't taken my test yet so I can't schedule my visits until I know more. I am scheduled to take the test on February 12, but I am trying to get it sooner than that," Gamble told in a recent interview.

When asked which schools he will visit, Gamble responded, "I am looking at East Carolina, Marshall, Hampton, South Carolina and a few others."

Gamble is still very high on Clemson, but he has not heard from the Tigers' coaching staff since December. "Clemson is still one of my top schools, but I just haven't talked to them in a while. My coach called them the other day. We had to leave a message."

Why others are making visits and deciding on the college of their choice, Gamble will be working on his schoolwork. "I'm trying to get my schoolwork right," stated the talented defender.

"I may not take my visits until February. Then I will be ready to make my decision." Some school with an extra scholarship will get a late surprise when Gamble is able to make his commitment.

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding linebacker from North Carolina, right up until he signs with the college of his choice. Top Stories