Bowden Meeting with Green Today

Hivera Green talks about meeting Coach Marion Hobby last weekend, and about the possibility of committing Wednesday night when Tommy Bowden pays a visit to Conway. <BR>

DE Hivera Green
6-5, 270, 4.8
Conway High School
Conway, South Carolina

The 6-5, 270 pound prospect took his official visit to Tiger Town last weekend. "It was a real good visit. I had a good time," Green told in a recent interview.

When asked how he would rate the visit on a scale of one to ten, Green responded, "I would probably give it an eight."

The Shrine Bowl standout was reunited with several of his Sandlapper teammates during the official visit. "I had a good time with my Shrine Bowl teammates. I saw Josh, Sadaat and some of the others. That was good."

Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden will visit with the star lineman tomorrow. Is there any chance that Green may go ahead with a commitment during that meeting? "I'm not sure right now," stated Green.

Green is also not quite ready to go on record with a leader. "I'm still trying to keep an open mind about all of this," added the Conway star.

Rumors have swirled this week that the Tigers lead and Green might be close to a commitment. "I haven't said it yet," stated the prize recruit.

The Conway standout enjoyed meeting with the coaching staff during his official visit.

"We talked about a lot of different things. I talked with Coach K and Coach Hobby. I liked Coach Hobby a lot. He was pretty cool. I like that he has NFL experience. I think he and Coach West are going to split the defensive line coaching. I don't think one will take ends and the other tackles."

Virginia Tech is the final visit scheduled for the talented defender. Does he still plan to take that visit? "I'm still thinking about it," stated Green. "I'm not sure yet."

We will continue to keep you updated on this outstanding defensive lineman from South Carolina, right up through signing day 2004. Top Stories