Quick Hits with C.J. Gaddis

CUTigers.com caught up with C.J. Gaddis before the start of baseball practice to see where the two sport star stands to play this season...both on the gridiron and the diamond.

Talk a little bit about your role this year, both with the baseball team and with football later on in spring practice.
Gaddis: I really don't know a whole lot yet. It hasn't really been defined yet. It's pretty much just the same thing as last year as far right now goes.

So you'll be playing baseball until spring practice starts in March?
Gaddis: I'm going to have to do a little more extra this year with the new coordinator coming in. I don't know a whole lot yet, but it will probably be the same as last year.

So football is still the priority with you?
Gaddis: I think it has to be right now for me. I think the only the reason is because of the new coordinators coming in, and I'm on a football scholarship right now.

It has sounded like Coach Bowden really expects you step up this year, especially now with Justin leaving.
Gaddis: I hope so. Why not? I think it's my time. Everybody else has had their time, so I'll be ready to step it up and take that job whenever we start.

Has there been any talk of you moving to wide receiver?
Gaddis: That's my spot right now. Hopefully I can get the ball on offense (laughing). I'm at corner right now.

Have you talked a lot with the new coordinators yet?
Gaddis: I've talked a lot with Coach Koenning. I've met with him a couple of times and we've talked about the upcoming year, and some things he may look for me. I met Coach Spence and we've joked around a lot about me getting the ball. I've kind of already gotten things established with Koenning.

Where do you see yourself with the football team in the spring?
Gaddis: I'm pretty sure that I'll be penciled in on the first team on the depth chart...somewhere. There is a certain position to the scheme that they are bringing in. It's a position that we haven't had (before). I might be penciled in there. But that depends on how the other guys pan out, so I've been told.

Is that the "cat" safety position you are talking about?
Gaddis: Yes.

What about with baseball? Where do you see yourself competing this winter?
Gaddis: I'll be out there in the field. There's a lot of competition out here from what I'm here. Obviously I wasn't out here with the team in the fall. But ya'll know I'm pretty confident in myself. It's just competition. However it goes down, it goes down.

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