The Latest on Cory Lambert

Cory Lambert has the test score, how much longer can he wait on the Clearinghouse? caught up with the Lambert family Sunday afternoon to get the latest developments with the NCAA Clearinghouse and big offensive lineman Cory Lambert.

The current game plan goes something like this: either Cory gets clearance this week, or he'll have to wait to start school in the summer time.

"I believe he has 12 days from when school starts. And that runs out sometime this week," said Mrs. Lambert. "There always has to be a Plan B. If he doesn't hear from the clearinghouse in time he will start school this summer."

Lambert, a four-star lineman out of Greenville High, signed with the Tigers last February and has taken limited coursework since that time while he attempted to get a qualifying test score.

Once he received that test score several weeks ago, he's been anxiously awaiting to enroll at Clemson.

"He is biting at the bit. I tell you what, I am ready to let him go. This is ridiculous. He wants it real bad. God has a plan and it will all work out for the best," added Cory's mother. Top Stories