More Expected from Storrer catches up with junior outfielder Travis Storrer.

Outfielder Travis Storrer will once again be a key component to this year's Tiger Baseball team.

Last season, he hit .315 seven homeruns and 33 RBI in 25 starts, but his stats steadily improved throughout the year. In fact, Storrer was named to both all-tournament teams in the postseason where he hit .395 with 12 runs scored, five doubles, three homers, and 14 RBI in just nine games. caught up with Travis Storrer recently to get his thoughts on the upcoming season, and his role with the team:

We've talked to a couple of your teammates about the fact that Clemson baseball doesn't seem to be getting the respect it has nationally this year. Does that give you a chip on your shoulder coming into this season?
Storrer: Most definitely. I don't really know how they come up with those preseason rankings or whatever; we know how good we are. We are obviously young, and maybe that's what they are looking at. Some of our guys are young and haven't played yet, but Clemson has a tradition of being one of the top teams in the country. Seeing where we are right now just adds fuel the fire. It leaves a little bit of a bitter taste in our mouth. We want to show everybody that we are a lot better than some of these people think.

What about some of these new guys? What can you say about what you've seen of them so far?
Storrer: I know that everyone one of them is a very hard worker. After being here for a year, we know how to work. With the guys that were here before we got here, they had to tell us how to work last year. This year, the young guys, you can tell they know how to work hard. You don't have to tell them anything. And you have to like that. You have to like when they come in ready to win and ready to work hard.

What about your goals for this season? Is Omaha a realistic expectation with so many young guys on the team?
Storrer: It's always realistic here. If our pitching staff holds up and everyone stays healthy, I think that's a very obtainable goal. It's been a couple of years since we've been there, and it's what we work for everyday. We say 'Omaha' after every practice. That's definitely the main goal.

What about your development this year? Where will you playing in the field and what is your role with the team?
Storrer: I'm going to be playing in the outfield most of the time. I've been working on all of my game. Taking a lot of reps in the outfield because last year was my first year. I went to the Cape and faced some of the best pitching around. I faced a lot of left-handed pitchers so that should help me out a lot this season. Top Stories