Is Clay a Signing Day Surprise?

Rumors are swirling about a last second defection from Oklahoma to Clemson for Antonio Clay. What's the latest? We've got some of the answers in this report! <BR>

Georgia standout linebacker Antonio Clay has committed to Oklahoma twice this season, but he could end being one of this year's biggest signing day surprises. The Twiggs County star and his family have maintained that Clay is committed to Oklahoma since his most recent commitment, but there are several signs indicating that Clay may be reconsidering his verbal pledge.

For starters, the 6-goot-1, 210 pound prospect made an effort earlier this week to place a call to Clemson assistant coach Ron West. He's also continued contact with Florida State.

At the same time, at the request of his coach, Clay and his family are being very tight lipped about what the prize recruit will do on signing day. spoke with Antonio's uncle earlier Tuesday evening to get the latest on what could be a developing situation. "It has been a rough process for all of us. We worked hard on this decision. We kept working and we just hammered it out. We have finally come to a decision that we can all live with," he said when reached by telephone.

Running back James Davis, a current Clemson commitment has also been working Antonio on his end. "I have talked with him," Davis told Tuesday evening. "I just hope that he will come to Clemson. I have told him that Leroy Hill will be leaving this year and heading to the NFL. I told him he would make a big impact at Clemson. I also told him about how many players come out of Clemson and go on to the NFL."

In addition, a few nights ago, Clemson commitment Ramon McElrathbey also told, "I talked with Clay yesterday. I'm telling you he said it's still a toss-up. He said he is still firm with Oklahoma but I think there is a small crack for Clemson."

And then earlier tonight spoke with McElrathbey again. "I have talked with Antonio in the last 24 hours. Right now, I think Clemson definitely has a chance. I'd say it's more like 50/50 now."

Clemson fans only have to wait a few more hours to see if Clay will surprise everyone tomorrow and sign with the Tigers. Clay plans to sign his LOI at 10 AM tomorrow morning. will continue to keep you updated on this evolving situation with the outstanding linebacker from Georgia. Top Stories