Future Tigers Sign with SW Miss?

The Clemson Tigers signed a top 20 recruiting class earlier today, but those aren't the only future Tigers that signed LOI's today. CUTigers.com has the latest on three other prospects that may be running down the hill in a few years.

Southwest Mississippi Community College signed three outstanding prospects from the state of South Carolina earlier today. In addition, all three players would like to play for the Tigers once they complete their work at Southwest Mississippi.

CUTigers.com spoke with head coach Dom Green this afternoon to find out who signed with the Bears. "Yeah, we signed Alonzo Higgins, Bryant McLaughlin and Durrell Nichols earlier today," Green told CUTigers.com.

All three South Carolina standouts were placed at Southwest Mississippi with the help of the Clemson coaching staff.

"In my opinion they are Clemson people. I will treat them just as I would a player that had signed with Clemson and been placed here. I plan to give them back to Clemson," said Green.

Two other players that have talked with Southwest Mississippi did not sign today. South Carolina defensive lineman Sam Patterson and Georgia defensive end Larry Cox did not sign today. "I'm not sure what they are doing yet. I think they are waiting until next week," Green said.

Also, coach Green is not sure when the three Palmetto standouts will start classes. "They can take classes online at home right now, but I'm counting on all three of them being here next fall."

CUTigers.com will continue to keep you updated on these outstanding prospects as they move forward with their careers at Southwest Mississippi.

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