Quotes from the John Lovett Press Conference

We've got the latest from John Lovett, the most recent addition to the Clemson family. The Clemson athletic department held a press conference this afternoon to formally announce the hiring of the former defensive coordinator at Auburn.

About why you decided to come to Clemson
"The one thing about Clemson I just felt it was a school that has a rich football tradtion. I had been recruiting in South Carolina the last 3 years, and I just felt like there was the potential to develop some great players here."

About your defensive philosophy
"Well I've only just looked a little bit of Clemson film. I had a short visit with the coaches. We'll go back and look at the personnel on film and put together our basic scheme around that, as far as the personnel here. I assure you at it will be a multiple look and attacking defense."

About the staff
"There will 4 guys on the staff. Right now I don't know how exactly we are going juggle that. We'll talk about that right after recruiting gets over. I think when we go and look at it, it will be determined by the strengths and weaknesses of the current staff."

Will you be jumping in the last few minutes of recruiting?
"The only thing I'll be able to do at this point is make phone calls. You are only allowed 7 on the road at a time. So the only thing I can do is pick up the phone and speak with the incoming prosepcts. I don't know about their (Clemson's) total recruiting class, how many spots are vacant or not vacant. I've been asked to contact a few young men that have shown interest in Clemson."

Did you know coach Bowden before this?
"Actually, the only way I've known Coach Bowden and Jack Hines and Brad Scott, and Rick Stockstill is basically I met most of the guys on the staff here out on the road recruiting or at clinics and speaking events."

With the style of offense Clemson runs, does that make it difficult to build a good defense?
"I think the bottomline is that you win football games and I think you win football games by playing good defense. I don't want high scoring games, and we aren't going to do that at Clemson. They (the Clemson offense) have the ability to strike quick and put points on the board. We can work good-on-good and develop what we need to develop. The Clemson offense is like basketball team on the football field."

"I don't see that as a drawback, as long as I can get good reps against good people during the week, I think we can build fundamentals here. Its a team game and we can play to that, but my thought here is that we are going to try to bring this defense back to the next level."

"We have a lot of young guys that played last year, and I've gone through that at several places. There is nothing that replaces (the experience of) guys playing in big games. A guy has to be able to relax and focus in order to let the rest of the defense work. Thats why inexperienced teams may play weak one week and great the next. They don't understand what it takes to win week in and week out."

"I'm going to try and get the most out of them, I'm hear to make them better and win ball games. If I can get them to give me the best, thats what I'm trying to do."

Has it been an up and down month for you?
"Anytime you are making a change, there is a little bit of uncertainity what your next travel is going to be. I felt confident that it would work out, and there were numerous things on the table. I had to be patient. A month ago I had no idea that I would be in this position. I'm very fortunate that its happened like this, and I'm very happy to be here."

When did you first talk to Tommy Bowden?
"I would say it was about 2 weeks ago, maybe 10 days ago where we initially had conversations. We just kind of followed up from there. Then he decided to work out a time where we could both meet, when we'd both be in town."

"I just know in talking with the coaches here and recruiting against these guys, you get a little bit of history and background, you begin to understand the history and the passion for football here."

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