Postgame Comments: Josh Cribb

Clemson's ace talks about the Tigers' big win Friday.

Big win for you and for the team today.
Cribb: Well you come out in the first start, you want to throw well your first time out. I threw pitches here and there that were good. But my overall outlook on the game- I didn't hit my spots like I should. I gave up two runs on hanging breaking balls. So, you know, it's going to come along with the season.

Are you disappointed you gave up some runs this afternoon?
Cribb: Well you want to come out and face a shut out. That's what you think going in facing any team. They've got some guys out there that have some letters under their belt. They've got some experience, but I've got plenty of room to continue to improve.

You have a lot of youth out there today. How confident are you in these new guys?
Cribb: Real confident. You've got Brad Chalk leading the game off and he's a freshman. That guys has a lot of talent. He's fast, he's quick, and he plays great defense. Then you've got Taylor Harbin following him up. He's the homerun record guy in South Carolina. He's a great hitter also and plays great defense. Cassenova behind the plate threw a guy out and plays well. Stan Widmann at shortstop, he's going to be a great player too. We are going to defend on those guys to get to Omaha. Top Stories