Georgia RB Listing Clemson

Joe Joe Cox is a good, looking RB/FB prospect from Twiggs County High School in Jeffersonville, GA. He names a top 5 with a leader.

"I like Auburn, Clemson, Tennessee, Georgia Tech and Georgia. Auburn is my favorite my school," Joe Joe Cox said.

Why do the Tigers hold an early advantage?

"I like how they run their offense. They run the ball a whole lot."

Why does Joe Joe list the other 4 schools he mentioned above?

Clemson: "I like the surroundings and the atmosphere. My boy Antonio Clay is going there."

Tennessee: "I just liked them since I was little."

Georgia Tech: "Tony Hollings went there. He used to grow up right next door to me."

Georgia: "That's the hometown team. I guess you can say I'm a Georgia fan or something like that."

What is he looking for most in a school?

"I want to see how they'll help me with my grades and how they're going to treat me. I want to see if I feel at home."

Any camp plans for Cox?

"I'm going to the Alabama camp with my team. That's the only one I know about right now."

Joe Joe has set a lofty goal for himself for the coming year.

"My goal this year is to break the state touchdown record of Darius Walker which is 47. I want to win the state title this year also. I'm tired of just making it to the playoffs. I want to go further."

What does he feel he does best and what does he feel he needs to work on?

"My stiff arm is my best thing on the football field. I like to run people over. I'd rather run through you than around you any day. I think I mostly need to work on my footwork."

Cox was a stand out on the field a year ago.

"I had 1852 yds and 22 touchdowns. I was first team All-State last year." Top Stories