Postgame Comments: Josh Cribb

CLEMSON - Clemson's ace talks about his big performance Friday.

Seems like you really settled down there after the first inning.
Cribb: Yeah well I made a few bad pitches last week and I wasn't hitting my spots like I wanted to. This week I really tried to come out there and throw better pitches, especially with two strikes. I got behind my first hitter and that's something I had to work on the whole game. But after that first inning I thought I made better pitches. Plus the defense played well tonight too. We made plays out there tonight.

What did you feel like you really had working for you today?
Cribb: Basically my fastball. I was able to drop down some too. I was able to throw each and every pitch for a strike tonight. My change-up was working pretty good early on, but my fastball was really working well.

Must have also felt good to come home and get a win over a ranked team after last weekend.
Cribb: Yeah, losing that one-run ball game to Coastal, and then losing 10-0 to East Carolina. We had to think about that all week. We also talked about winning one-run ball games and that's exactly what we did tonight. We were mentally tough and we came out and got that first big win at home. That gives us a lot of hope for tomorrow and Sunday.

You had a career high with eight strike outs tonight. Did you feel like you might be able to put together a dominant game coming in?
Cribb: Coming out of that first inning, I felt really good. Then after the second, I was throwing all my pitches for strikes. I got in a little groove there. Everything really felt good after that. Top Stories