Don't Forget About Will Proctor

Perhaps its because he gave Tommy Bowden his commitment so long ago, perhaps its because he plays at a smaller school. Whatever the reason, a lot of folks have seemingly forgotten Will Proctor and all of the skills he brings to the table. I'll be the first to tell you that he is a primetime quarterback coming to Clemson.

QB Will Proctor, out of Winter Park, Florida just might be the name we remember most out the of 2002 class. After all, he is rated as one of the top pure passing quarterbacks in the country.

Its easy to say that Proctor is your typical drop back passer. He has the ability to throw the fade route as well as the 10-15 yard out patterns that require that extra "zip." But don't be fooled, he also has good quickness that allows him to get out of the pocket to move around a bit.

As an example, his junior season he passed for over 1,400 yards, but he also recorded 1,100 rushing yards.

Last season through the air, Will was 79-of-118 passing for 1123 yards (15.6 yards/completion) and 13 touchdowns. On the ground, he again was impressive with almost 700 yards. Overall, he completed over 60% of his passes during his high school career and averaged over 8 yards a rush. Quite impressive numbers for a "drop-back" quarterback.

Proctor has 4.68 speed and a 6'3 frame. He has the quickness to elude defenders out of the pocket and the height to spot receivers down field. What more could you ask for in a quarterback?

Will attended the Tigers Football Camp last July and was so impressed by the coaching staff, that he committed to the Tigers almost on the spot. He had originally planned on attending camps at LSU, Florida, Notre Dame, and North Carolina, but he decided to cancel all of those trips after committing to Clemson.

He has a 3.0 GPA and an 1140 on his SATs, so there won't be any problems qualifying. He also averages 13 points and 7 rebounds a game for the Trinity basketball team.

Put an athlete like Will Proctor in the lineup with any of our wide receivers and he instantly becomes a lethal weapon. With teams focusing more on stopping the running game of the Tigers, especially from the quarterback position, it will be very important for Clemson quarterbacks to be able to consistently throw the ball downfield with accuracy in the future.

A 15 yard out or crossing pattern is absolutely critical in that kind of offensive scheme, and Will Proctor can do both of these things, as well as throw the long ball.

"There is basically nothing Will isn't capable of," says Trinity Prep Heach Coach Drew Nemec.

"He can do it all."

If you are a Clemson fan, you've got to be drooling to see this kid in action. The bottomline- he is one very impressive athlete and he has a bright future ahead of him at Clemson University.

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