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James Winston is a talented defensive lineman for Daphne High School. Winston grew up an Auburn fan, but after a recent trip to Tuscaloosa the Tide has now turned.

"I went to Alabama's Junior Day a few weeks ago. I liked it a lot. I met the coaches. I was able to spend some time with my recruiting coach. The facilities were very nice," said James Winston.

Winston grew up a big Auburn fan, but several things persuaded the defensive lineman to keep an open mind about his recruitment.

"Alabama has a very good defense, and they are young. Coach Shula is really starting to build a program. I spoke with Coach Wyatt, my recruiting coach, today. I really like him a lot. He is pretty cool. I would say that Alabama is my overall favorite, but I am still an Auburn fan."

Besides Alabama, several schools are staying in contact with Winston.

"I am receiving mail from Alabama, Auburn, Louisville, Clemson, and Purdue. Alabama and Louisville are sending me the most mail right now. I like Alabama, Louisville, Auburn, and Clemson."

Louisville: "I have never been up to Louisville, but they are sending me a lot of mail. That's why I am interested in them."

Auburn: "I like them because I grew up as an Auburn fan."

Clemson: "I have been receiving a lot of letters from them."

Auburn recently extended an invitation to Winston for their upcoming spring scrimmage.

"Well, I wanted to go to Alabama and Auburn's A-day games, but both are on the same day. I spoke with Coach Wyatt today. He said they still were going to recruit me if I went to Auburn instead. I would have to say I am going to Alabama's A-day game. The coaches are saying they really like me, so I am going to go there," said Winston.

In the past few years, Daphne High School has been one of the most powerful programs in the state. With a new head coach, it has been a process of rebuilding. Winston hopes to take his team back to the way things were in his first two years on the team.

"We didn't have that good of a year this past year. We were 7-5. We lost in the state championship, the year before, and we usually only lose 1-2 games every year. We got a new head coach this year and a few things changed. Our defense was basically the same. I didn't really have any good stats because I was always double teamed."

Winston believes he has the total package, but would like to work on a few key areas before his senior season.

"I am a really good run stopper. I feel like I am very balanced and can do it all. I can get in the backfield. I love rushing the quarterback. I would really like to work on my speed, and not getting tired during the game."

When asked about his decision, Winston replied, "I want to see how I feel at the campus, and where it is located. I also want to check out the environment, and the education I will be receiving. I want to be a head football coach in Alabama one day," said Winston. Top Stories