Georgia LB Listing Clemson

Dominique Davenport is a CB prospect out of defending GHSA AAAA Champion Warner Robins High School. He names a top 5 with a leader.

"Right now I'm liking Georgia, Tennessee, Georgia Tech, Clemson and Vanderbilt. Georgia, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Nebraska and some other schools are sending me some letters. Vanderbilt and Tennessee are sending me the most stuff," Dominique Davenport said.

Who's on top?

"I'm kind of liking Tennessee the most right now. I just could see myself playing for them. I don't really know why I like them so much, I just do."

What stands out about the other 4 schools on his list?

Georgia: "It's the big in-state school and it's close to home. They have a winning team every year."

Georgia Tech: "We took a team visit there earlier this year and I like their facilities and that they're in the ACC. It's also close to home so my family can come see me."

Clemson: "It's a young program just trying to make some noise. They're really coming up."

Vanderbilt: "I like them because they send me a lot of stuff and I went to their junior day last week. I like the facilities and the coaches."

Davenport also runs track.

"I run the hurdles and I've qualified for state ever since I was a freshman. We have our first meet on Thursday."

What is he looking for in a school?

"Right now I'm just trying to see where I feel comfortable. I'm looking at the education and how I fit in."

How would he describe his game?

"I'm good in coverage and I have good technique. I can tackle well also. I need to work on getting my speed up and getting into better shape." Top Stories