Tigers Warming Up

The Clemson Tigers football team returned to practice under much warmer conditions Saturday morning. And while the wind continues to be a factor, head coach Tommy Bowden insists that much has been accomplished in the first two days of spring ball. <BR>

Warming Up
The Clemson football team returned to the practice fields again on Saturday morning, practicing for three hours in shorts and shoulder pads.

However today, unlike Friday, was significantly more comfortable. With temperatures soaring into the 60's, spring practice was much more spring-like, except of course for the wind.

"It was a little bit warmer today, which was nice and we did skeleton, which is skill on skill," said Clemson head coach Tommy Bowden afterwards. "You've got some pretty adverse conditions throwing and catching with the wind. We got some more interceptions today (as a result) with the ball popping up."

Tight End Usage
One area of the team that will be used in a significantly different way this year is the tight end. New offensive coordinator Rob Spence has talked about incorporating the tight end more into the Tigers' offense during his first year, and Saturday, Tommy Bowden elaborated more on what to expect this year.

"At Virginia, the tight end runs more drags across (the middle), using five to six yard routes. This one (offense) involves a little bit more of a vertical passing game," said Bowden. "(The tight end) will probably be a leaner guy that has pretty good blocking skills."

The current depth chart has Bobby Williamson on the first team, followed by Cole Downer, Thomas Hunger, and Zach Green.

Ben Hall, the starting tight end last year, caught just nine passes for 142 yards and one touchdown. By comparison, Rob Spence's tight end at Toledo, Chris Holmes, caught 36 passes for 350 yards.

Charlie Adjusting
Charlie Whitehurst, like many of his teammates on the offensive side of the ball, seems to be adjusting very well to new offensive coordinator Rob Spence.

"I've been under center a lot more so far," said the senior quarterback on Saturday. "I'm used to more shotgun, but I like that. That's going to give us the opportunity to run the ball more."

Whitehurst like Chansi Stuckey yesterday, also said that Spence demands perfection of his players on the practice field.

"I would agree with that," said Whitehurst. "He's out there talking to you on every play, talking about your technique and different things that are going on. And that's good."

Parting Shots
Tommy Bowden said that Jamaal Fudge recorded another interception Saturday...Bowden also said that it's been hard for him to gauge his young wide receivers because of the wind, but did compliment Curtis Baham for his play..."It's just been hard to do any of that so far," said the seventh year head coach. "Monday when we go full pads, that will shed a little bit of a different light on things."

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