It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Hey there everyone, its been a while since my last column, so to all who have been hanging on for this ride, let me say, congrats, its been a heck of a month. I would also like to give the Clemson University football staff a huge round of applause for another banner year.

Last year the sales pitch was easy, but this year the road was a lot rougher, and the coaches came through with another amazing effort. I would also like to welcome all the new additions to the Clemson family; I look forward to yelling my brains out for you in these upcoming years.

So, where does that leave us?

Ahh, yes, the roller coaster that was the 2001-2002 recruiting period. It started out strong enough with a commitment from Cory Groover, and Kelvin Grant almost committing to Brad Scott over the phone. Soon we had Randy Jackson, Kelvin Morris and Brandon Jamison on board. The 2001 recruiting class looked like it was gonna pick up where 2000 left of, going strong. Chris White was a lean, as was Fred Bennett. Then the season started, key players got hurt, games were lost that we did not expect to lose, and what's worse, is the hated Gamecocks got on a tear, and rode it all the way to a New Year's day bowl win. So, if you add that up, than look at the commitment lists and see Jackson, White and Bennett as Gamecock pledges, then the 2002 recruiting season MUST be seen as a disaster right?

And that's the point of this article my friends. Recruiting is NOT a sprint, it is a marathon. Actually it is an ultra-marathon, and we don't even know the half of it. Examples are all over the place, 2 years ago, Kentucky stormed out of the gates, but by the end of the season they had a marginal at best class, this year Maryland took off, but faltered when locking horns with more experienced staffs. Recruiting is a game that sometimes doesn't make sense either. Just take a look at UVA's class this year.

In the business of recruiting, more goes on behind the scenes than any of us Internet followers will EVER know. The most important thing to do is trust the staff. Clemson has some of the best recruiters in the business in Scott, Stock, Burns, and Tommy Bowden (who you know has picked a thing or two up from his old man!). When one player drops us from his list, takes a visit to Rival U, or sways one way or another, don't lose hope, if anything can be taken from this year it is that Clemson has a staff that always has a back up plan.

Greg Threat to Miami? No problem, we'll just pick up a Justin Miller.

Randy Jackson to USC? Ok, we'll lock up Brandon Cannon and Vontrell Jamison within the next week.

All the way to the end, it seemed as if the staff was putting in the extra hours, always having a contingency plan. So my point is to sit back, enjoy the ride, and wait for the flurry at the end that always seems to occur with this staff. Stay tuned for part II of my recruiting wrap up entitled "Filling Needs." Top Stories