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If you have ever attended any type of school in America, you'll understand what I mean when I talk about "that feeling" the idea of Spring Break gives you. <BR>

Spring break, among other things, is an opportunity to get away, a time to take new found information on the road to explore new territories, or a time to simply schedule some much-needed space for relaxation.

Spring break is just that, a break.

It is a change in the monotony of patterned work that comes to define progress.

For one whole week, students get to put down, what is for most of them, the biggest priority in their lives.

"I'll be at the beach," says Clemson running back Reggie Merriweather when asked about his plans this week.

"I'm going to North Augusta for a couple of days, then my parents and I are going to ride down to Myrtle Beach for the weekend. I'm going to North Augusta to workout; visit some friends, and then just chill with my parents, my sister, and some cousins.

"It's going to be time to really cut some things on when we get back."

The fact of the matter is, spring break is fun, but there must always be a return to reality.

For everyone involved with spring break, atheletes included, there has to be a limitation on the acts and activities of this time.

The fact of the matter is, some form of training has to continue, otherwise, too much is lost in the absence of work.

And spring break for the athlete is not just about going out with friends. It's also a time to go home and relax.

The rare opportunity to visit with friends and relatives becomes a much-anticipated event.

"I'll just really be cooling out with my people," says receiver Curtis Baham. "You know I'm from New Orleans. Most players don't get to go home, but especially not me, being I live so far. It's good. I workout at my old high school, John Curtis, then I visit people."

When asked his plans for Spring break, Chansi Stuckey pretentiously answers, "What do you mean, Warner Robbins is where it's at!"

After an obvious encounter with reality, Stuckey continues, "Seriously though, that's where I will be. I'll visit family and friends, but mostly I'll be working out and helping the younger players at Northside High. We got some prospects going D-1, D-1AA, and JUCO. I go to their voluntary workout and do some work. I get to show them some things too, so it's fun.

"I plan to see a friend at Georgia Southern but that's it. I've really got to study those plays because learning this offense is not as easy as you would think."

If you are yearning for some excitement, Kyle Browning planned to squeeze a trip to Atlanta to hang out with Leroy Hill, but mainly intended to be in Union doing the usual.

Other guys, like Nathan Bennett, Roman Fry, and Zach Green all had plans to spend a couple of days in Panama City, Fla.

Sounds like fun. Too bad it only lasts a week!

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