JackSmack: Issue #36

Larry, Larry, Larry, if only the emotion you showed Dahntay Jones when he taunted our bench could be translated into some coaching or motivation for wins, then we might get somewhere. But, hopefully (at least for me) you are signing your own death wish. Althought, I still would like for you to surprise me this week and not go 0-2 again.

Besides Duke and Maryland, the ACC is really up and down and we get blown out at home by Georgia Tech by 24. Wonderful. We are now (11-12) and (2-8). This week, we play at Virginia (one of our 2 wins) on Sunday and then we get Wake Forest at home on Wednesday.

Nationally, there were a number of important games last week, so let's run through the conferences. Normally, I put about as much stock in Conference-USA as I do in the Big East, but since Cincinnati is in the top 5, let's take a look. They had 2 road tests this week and went (1-1). They got beat pretty good by Marquette and then got by UNC-Charlotte. Do you really want to hear about Marquette or Memphis? Yeah, me neither.

In the ACC, Wake Forest got a good win at FSU, while Maryland held off a good N.C. State team at Cole Field House. The Wolfpack turned around to blow out UVA at home. The Cavs have to be the biggest dissappointment in recent memory, losing 4 in a row, and stand now at (4-5) in the conference.

In the SEC, Alabama has officially taken control of the West, so let's take a look at the up and down teams on the East side. Florida got a much needed win @ South Carolina, as did Georgia by winning @ Mississippi State. Tennessee jumped back in the picture by beating Kentucky in OT in a great game to watch.

In the Big 12, where everyone still chases Kansas, Oklahoma got a good win at Texas in OT. Missouri got a good non-conference win at home versus Virginia. The big time overrated Oklahoma State Cowboys lost at Kansas State before recovering to win a home game against an overrated Texas Tech squad. There are 3 teams in this conference, and if you don't know who they are, then put down the crackpipe.

On to the Big Ten, where Indiana absolutely ripped a flailing Iowa squad in Bloomington, after the Hoosiers had lost @ Minnesota, who is one of the best surprises in all of the land. On to two of the biggest dissappointments in all of the land: Michigan State and Illinois. The Spartans win @ Illinois and then lose at Northwestern.


The Illini did turn around and win at Michigan last night, but would that even be noted if they were where they should be? No. Ohio State fell into a first place tie with Indiana after losing at Wisconsin in OT.

In the Pac Ten, things are becoming just short of insane. Arizona wins at Stanford in OT, and then Stanford turns around last night and beats conference leader Oregon at home in OT. Oregon had beaten co-leader USC earlier in the week. Southern Cal also fell short at Pauly Pavilion against UCLA.

Uggh, am I even going to mention the Big East?

Apologies beforehand, but since I am a college hoops freak, I'll give you a small update. Syracuse, who finally fell out of the top ten, loses at Rutgers to help cement the decision. Miami wins at home by 2 over UConn and now they're ranked again. What a joke.

Here are the 3 best surprises of the year, and note that I did tell you to look out for two of these teams at the beginning of the season:


We'll see about teams like Ohio State and Pittsburgh, but here are some teams that should not be ranked where they are. Illinois should not be (14), but they should get 2 wins this week. Three teams that are way overranked:

Oklahoma State

Here are some teams hanging around .500 in their conferences, and better start pulling off some wins if they want to go to the dance:

Virginia, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Iowa, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Arkansas, Louisville, Michigan State, and Wisconsin. (Notice I didn't list any Big East teams because they better have 4 losses or less to get in or it's total crap.)

This week, there a handful of good matchups:

Texas Tech @ Kansas (Gonna be fun to see Knight get kicked on national TV.)

Cincinnatti @ Wake Forest (A great test for both teams.)

Alabama @ Mississippi State (A good road test for the Tide.)

Oregon @ Cal (A good road test for the Ducks.)

Maryland @ UNC (Should be a rout.)

Miami @ BC (Eh?)

Pitt @ Syracuse (Eh?)

Ohio State @ Michigan State (The Buckeyes need to cement themselves.)

Kansas @ Texas (Still shouldn't be Kansas' 1st loss.)

Iowa @ Wisconsin (A tough one where both teams need a win.)

UConn @ Georgetown (Eh?)

Duke @ WF (Wake played well @ Duke; should be a very good game.)

On to the Super Bowl, where I nailed it for the 2nd straight year. I said there were too many points on both sides, but I guess I should have said way too many. I knew I had the under at the half, and I knew I was covering (+14) by the end of the 3rd. Good for Brady, but they could have given the MVP to Antowain Smith or Troy Brown.

Other football notes:
--Tampa, would you hire Marvin Lewis already?

--Is there an athlete in any sport who was such a great player, he redefined the way the game is played that has fallen so far? Yeah, I know Lawrence Taylor has been caught with crack in Myrtle Beach and da, da, da. But, have you seen this new ‘Jack in the Box' commercial that's a take off the 10-10-220 commercials? This is so sad.

Well, there is only a month until conference tournaments take place, so let's enjoy some great basketball in an important month for the committee.

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