Big DT Listing Clemson

Samuel Chester is an impressive looking DT prospect out of powerhouse Peach County High School in Fort Valley, GA. He holds an early leader for his signature.

"I like Auburn, Georgia, Florida, Florida State and Clemson. Auburn is my favorite school," Samuel Chester said.

Why does he favor the Tigers?

"They show a lot of brotherhood and friendship. They have a great reputation right about now."

What stands out about the other schools on his list?

Georgia: "All my teammates go up to Georgia and when I went up there for spring practice, they showed me a lot of love."

Florida: "It's a good school. My sister is from Tallahassee and I see a game every now and then. The atmosphere is pretty good."

Florida State: "Since my sister is in Tallahassee, it would be a great place for me. It's the Seminoles. How can you not like them?"

Clemson: "Clemson has been sending a lot of letters lately, so they're fresh on my mind."

Who's recruiting Chester the hardest at this point?

"Right now I'd say Auburn is sending me the most stuff. I also get stuff from Arkansas, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Mississippi State, Southern Miss, Florida, LSU and some other schools."

What is he looking for most in a school?

"I'm just looking mostly for good academics for my business major. I want to have some coaches I can lean on and just good quality overall." Top Stories