Receivers Step Up Saturday caught up with Chansi Stuckey after Saturday's scrimmage.

Chansi Stuckey was the leading receiver for the Tigers during the second scrimmage of spring practice, but he wasn't the only wide out to step up his play. caught up with Stuckey after Saturday's scrimmage, to get his thoughts on the improvement of the offense:

It looked like night and day with the offense this morning compared with last weekend. Would you agree with that?
Stuckey: Oh as a team it was sensational. We really bought in to what coach Spence was saying. He was telling us we weren't playing up to our potential, but today we really got in to it and showed what this offense is capable of.

Is that just another week of experience under your belt with this offense or is guys just stepping up and finally making some plays?
Stuckey: As you understand the offense more, you run faster, you do things harder. When you are indecisive you don't really do things full speed because you don't know what you are doing. It's that. We know what we are doing and we are starting to get our timing down good.

Aaron Kelly, L'Donte Harris- two young guys really asserted themselves today as wide receivers. How are those guys going to be able to help you out going forward?
Stuckey: Well Donte is probably the most improved and he's just been a great receiver all spring. He's caught all the coaches' eyes, all the players' eyes. We are looking for him to step up. If he continues to develop how he is, he's going to be a really good player for us. Aaron, today he really showed you what he can do. He made a couple of big catches and his confidence is growing. Top Stories